Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From The Author Of Any Day Now

Like many others, I was washed in the rain of the 1960s, but I have always resisted the idea of writing about it.
Everybody knows how things turned out.  Why not write science fiction (excuse me, speculative fiction) instead?
 That kept me busy for thirty some-odd years.
 Then one day I thought, why not change how things turned out? What's a novelist anyway but a little god in pajamas?
 That kicked open a door.
 I was always surprised that Philip Roth (The Plot Against America) didn't seem to realize that he was writing
in an old and established sub-genre of SF, the alternate history. He seemed to think he'd invented it!
 So I needn't apologize for stealing a scene from him.
 Turn-about is fair play and ours is just one universe among many.

Terry Bisson