Friday, March 16, 2012

Summer Brenner, Author of I-5

You won't want to miss an evening of troubled writers reading versions of how the world will end. Or did it already end? Some say the world will end in fire, Some say  in ice....O! it's the venerable Robert Frost. We're not venerable or gloomy. I can testify first hand. Owen Hill? I've read with him 43 times and he's hilarious, albeit understated. BITD (as in "back in the day"), I used to read with Jim Nisbet. He writes like a brilliant madman. Want to go on the looney ride, read Jim. As for Ken and Nick, stand-up is their day job. I love to laugh even if I don't get the joke. I spend most of my time alone in a small room making up stories about people who don't exist. That's certifiable but so far Homeland Security has left me alone. Maybe you read I-5, my novel on sex trafficking? It's enjoyable. It's serious and enjoyable and nasty, a full-frontal assault on a world that sells our sisters. I wrote it as a curse. That's what I mean, serious with a chuckle. R. Crumb on I-5: "... it has a quality very rare in literature: a subtle, dark humor that’s only perceivable when one goes deep into the heart of this world’s absurd tragedy, or tragic absurdity.”
Come out to hear Owen Hill, Nick Mamatas, Jim Nisbet, Ken Wishnia, and yours truly, Summer Brenner, thrill you with wild, original, haunting prose. We're all at MOES BOOKS in Berkeley on MARCH 28 at 7:30pm for a Night of Noir. In the meantime read our blurbs! our blogs! our websites! our palms! Anything, just read! 

Summer Brenner will be reading at Moe's Wednesday March 28th with Ken Wishnia, Nick Mamatas, Owen Hill and Jim Nisbet

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